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August 19, 2009:
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This site is currently under construction. Some links are not active!!! If you need information, you can e-mail us for now and someone will get back to you shortly. Thank you, Dancers With Woofs


- For Pets Sake
- WCFO Inc.
- JS-Online Freestyle Camp Coverage


Dancers With Woofs v2.0

Welcome to Dancers With Woofs!

Dancers with Woofs is a non-profit group. Our mission is to enhance the teamwork and bond with our dogs by participating in and promoting the artful sport of canine freestyle dance.

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We are a new organization in Wisconsin, established in 2005 and are part of the World Canine Freestyle Organization. If you are interested in being part of this organization, e-mail us at

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The Menu options to the left can be used to navigate to the different areas of the site. If you have any problems with getting the information you are looking for, feel free to mail us at Report all website issues to


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We love to dance with our dogs and if you would like to learn, classes are offered at For Pets Sake

Hope to see you at the club meeting meeting!